Features removed from Microsoft Money Products

This page lists features that have been removed from the Microsoft Money product over the years. It is not a comprehensive list, so if you do know something which has been removed, please contact me and it'll be researched and subsequently added to the list if found to be true.

See also the feature sets.

Microsoft Money Plus

  1. Unlimited installation. Activation now only allows 2 installs.

Microsoft Money 2007

  1. Money for the Pocket PC (Article 415)

Microsoft Money 2006

  1. Balance of an account after a bill has been paid - seen on the bills/deposit page when highlighting a scheduled bill in previous versions. (Article 300)

Microsoft Money 2005

  1. Money Express (Article 77)
  2. Dual drop down boxes for categories (now reinstated - Article 74)
  3. Ctrl+Shift+<connect> to capture OFX files one-time.
  4. OFC import. (Article 31)
  5. Built-in help (now online)
  6. Warning "MSN butterfly" that you were going to click off site.
  7. Down-arrow to let you navigate from one investment (details etc) to another.
  8. Set up each account to do downloads or not.
  9. Today's balance in the registers.
  10. Ability to switch, via a combo box, between favorite accounts while viewing "Account Summary" of an Investment Account (still possible from the two Transactions views).
  11. Ability to switch, via a combo box, between all investments, Used to be possible from all views of a specific investment. As far as I can tell, no way to get a view of all investments.
  12. Ability, while viewing "Account Summary" of an Investment Account to right-click on an individual security and then update its price. In Portfolio Manager, ability is there (sort of) -- only an online update is possible.
  13. Ability to import OFX and QIF statements indefinitely (UK products - Article 59)
  14. Cash flow chart from beneath the account register . (Article 40)
  15. View the portfolio in the future by putting in a future date in the portfolio top right date box.
  16. Add your own custom currencies (list of available ones here)
  17. Task Based Home Page
  18. Balance an account option, which then shows summary of when all accounts were last balanced.

Microsoft Money 2004

  1. Running total of bills/deposits when balancing accounts ('cleared so far')
  2. MoneySide (US)/Money Viewer (UK) [this was introduced in Money 2002]

Microsoft Money 2003

  1. Ability to import OFX and QIF statements indefinitely (US products) (Article 186)

Microsoft Money 2002

  1. Statements downloading to a separate area than the register
  2. The bill register now only shows the next occurrence of a bill

Microsoft Money 2001


Microsoft Money 2000

  1. Phone dialup to the bank
  2. Icon view of accounts in the Account Manager

Microsoft Money 1999


Microsoft Money 1998

  1. Loan Wizard
  2. Interest Estimator - this was in the UK products, not sure about US ones


Thanks to Bonnie Synhorst, MVP, and all other people who have helped compile this list.

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