Default Category List of the US Money 2006 Versions

The categories for the US 2006 versions (Premium, Deluxe and Standard) are listed in the table below. This category list is extracted directly from a new file. Money allows you to create your own categories, so don't regard this list as a list of the only categories you can use. You cannot create new category groups (see FAQ Article 69).

What are termed "'Essential' Categories" below are those which you see on a clean installation. If you press the option under Tools->Settings->Categories->Show Full Category List, you see the full set below.

Expense Categories
Category Subcategory Category Group 'Essential' Categories
Alimony   Alimony Payments  
Automobile   Automobile Expenses x
  Car Payment Automobile Expenses  
  Gasoline Automobile Expenses  
  Maintenance Automobile Expenses  
Bank Charges   Bank Charges  
  Interest Paid Bank Charges  
  Service Charge Bank Charges  
Bills   Other Bills  
  Cable/Satellite Television Cable Bill  
  Cell Phone Telephone Bill  
  Cellular Telephone Bill  
  Electricity Gas & Electric Bill  
  Garbage & Recycle Garbage/Recycle Bill  
  Health Club Other Bills  
  Homeowner's Dues Other Bills  
  Membership Fees Other Bills  
  Mortgage Payment Other Bills  
  Natural Gas/Oil Gas & Electric Bill  
  Newspaper Other Bills  
  Online/Internet Service Other Bills  
  Other Loan Payment Other Bills  
  Rent Rent Bill  
  Student Loan Payment Other Bills  
  Telephone Telephone Bill  
  Water & Sewer Water & Sewer Bill  
Cash Withdrawal   Cash Withdrawal x
Charitable Donations   Charitable Donations x
Childcare   Childcare Expenses  
Children/Toys   Childcare Expenses  
  Child Support Childcare Expenses  
  Daycare Childcare Expenses  
Clothing   Clothing Expenses x
Credit Card Payments/Transfers   Other Expense x
Dining Out   Dining Out x
Education   Education x
  Books Education  
  Fees Education  
  Tuition Education  
Entertainment   Entertainment x
Fees   Bank Charges x
Food   Grocery Costs  
Gifts   Other Expense x
Groceries   Grocery Costs x
Healthcare   Medical/Dental Expenses x
  Dental Medical/Dental Expenses  
  Eyecare Medical/Dental Expenses  
  Hospital Medical/Dental Expenses  
  Physician Medical/Dental Expenses  
  Prescriptions Medical/Dental Expenses  
Hobbies/Leisure   Entertainment x
  Books & Magazines Entertainment  
  Cultural Events Entertainment  
  Entertaining Entertainment  
  Movies & Video Rentals Entertainment  
  Sporting Events Entertainment  
  Sporting Goods Entertainment  
  Tapes & CDs Entertainment  
  Toys & Games Entertainment  
Home Improvement   Other Expense x
Household   Household Expenses x
  Furnishings Household Expenses  
  House Cleaning Household Expenses  
  Yard Service Household Expenses  
Insurance   Life Insurance x
  Automobile Automobile Insurance  
  Health Medical/Dental Expenses  
  Homeowner's/Renter's Home/Rent Insurance  
  Life Life Insurance  
Job Expense   Non-Reimb. Job Exp.  
  Non-Reimbursed Non-Reimb. Job Exp.  
  Reimbursed Reimbursed Job Exp.  
Loan   Other Interest x
  Loan Interest Other Interest  
  Mortgage Interest Mortgage Interest  
  Student Loan Interest Other Interest  
Miscellaneous   Other Expense x
Mortgage/Rent   Rent Bill x
Personal Care   Other Expense x
Pet Care   Other Expense x
  Food Other Expense  
  Supplies Other Expense  
  Veterinarian Other Expense  
Phone/Wireless   Telephone Bill x
Services/Memberships   Other Expense x
Taxes   Other Tax Payments x
  Federal Income Tax Federal Taxes x
  Federal Income Tax-Previous Year Other Expense  
  Local Income Tax Other Tax Payments  
  Medicare Tax Medicare Taxes x
  Other Taxes Other Tax Payments  
  Real Estate Taxes Real Estate Taxes  
  Social Security Tax Social Security Taxes x
  State Income Tax State Tax Payments x
  State/Provincial State Tax Payments  
Travel/Vacation   Entertainment x
  Lodging Entertainment  
  Travel Entertainment  
Utilities   Other Bills x
Income Categories
Category Subcategory Category Group 'Essential' Categories
Income/Interest   Salary Income x
Investment Income   Interest & Dividends x
  Capital Gains Interest & Dividends x
  Dividends Interest & Dividends x
  Interest Interest & Dividends x
  Tax-Exempt Interest Tax-Exempt Income x
Not an Expense   Other Income x
Other Income   Other Income x
  Child Support Received Child Support Received  
  Employee Stock Option Periodic Income x
  Gifts Received Gifts Received  
  Loan Principal Received Tax-Exempt Income  
  Lotteries Other Income  
  State & Local Tax Refund State/Local Tax Refund  
  Unemployment Compensation Unemployment Income  
Retirement Income   Other Income  
  IRA Distributions IRA/Pension Income  
  Pensions & Annuities IRA/Pension Income  
  Social Security Benefits Social Security Income  
Wages & Salary   Salary Income x
  Bonus Periodic Income  
  Commission Periodic Income  
  Employer Matching Employer Matching  
  Gross Pay Salary Income x
  Net Pay Salary Income x
  Overtime Periodic Income  

Note that there are no UK, French or International 2006 versions (see FAQ Article 220). Default categories in other versions may be different to the US ones above.

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