Browser Shortcuts in Microsoft Money

Microsoft Money is built on an Internet Explorer engine. This means that it is possible to put links into a browser, and navigate to many pages in Microsoft Money.

The links below are some of those can be put into a browser (with Microsoft Money running) or into the browser box in Microsoft Money to navigate around the program a bit. These were generated from Microsoft Money 2005, so I do not know whether they work in earlier versions. Some links refer to particular country versions of Money.

All links are provided at your own risk. Make sure you have backups before you try these (especially if the link is for a particular version of Money which you're not using). However, you might find a use for something in here.

Money Location Link
Money Home money://navigate/contents
See my account balances money://navigate/AcctManager
Manage scheduled bills and deposits money://navigate/PayBills
Forecast my cash flow money://navigate/CashFlow
View bills and deposits calendar money://navigate/BillCalendar
Review recent bills and reposits money://navigate/billhistory
Set up a new account money://tool/NewAccount
Organize favorites money://processstart/acctfavoritesclose/other/1
View my categories money://navigate/Lists/Cat/-1
Manage my payees money://navigate/Lists/Pay/-1
Investing Home money://area/Investments
View my portfolio money://navigate/Portfolio
Review my portfolio money://navigate/InvAnalysis
Alerts Center money://navigate/alertcenter
Manage online services money://navigate/OnlineServices
View my lifetime plan money://navigate/GoalsWelcome
Lifetime planner - about you money://navigate/GoalsAboutYouLt
View my budget money://navigate/Budget
Budget versus Spending report money://navigate/BudgetVsSpending
Create a debt reduction plan money://navigate/DebtIntro
Play what-if with cash flow money://navigate/CashFlowWhatIf
See how an event affects my finances money://navigate/ScenBuilderGoal
Associate tax lines with categories money://navigate/TaxLineManager
See a report money://navigate/ReportGallery
View my monthly report money://navigate/MonthlyReport
Monthly Reports money://navigate/ReportArea/Other/6
Business reports money://navigate/ReportGallery/Business
Organize favorites money://navigate/ReportGallery/Other/-1/0
View my home inventory money://processstart/HomeInventory
Go to the Credit Centre money://navigate/CreditCenter
Back up my Money file money://tool/backup
Use the calculator money://tool/calculator
Download quotes,  news and updates money://tool/connectall
Print cheques money://tool/printchecks
Enter a transaction money://navigate/AcctManager
Record a bill or deposit money://navigate/PayBills
Go to money://MCLink/MSNHome
Go to MSN Shopping money://MCLink/MSNShop
Go to MSN Money money://MCLink/MSNMoneyCentral
Hotmail money://MCLink/MSNHotmail
MSN Search money://MCLink/MSNSearch
People & Chat money://MCLink/MSNCommunities
MSN Property money://MCLink/HomeAdvisor
MSN Cars money://MCLink/CarpointAtMSN
Careers money://MCLink/MSNCareers
Travel money://MCLink/ExpediaOnMSN
Top Funds money://MCLink/fundfinder
Stock Screener money://MCLink/stockscreener
Research Wizard money://MCLink/researchwiz
US Only  
Tax Estimator money://navigate/worksheettax
Deduction finder money://processstart/taxdedfinderwelcome
Tax withholding estimator money://navigate/taxwithholdingestimator
Capital gains estimator money://processstart/capitalgainsestimator
401k Manager money://navigate/401k
UK Only  
Update my Will money://navigate/UKWillGuide
Track my savings money://navigate/UKSavingsAbout

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